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Jan 13, 2013 4:15pm EST
the policies that are due, there are areas where spending goes up. i don't think any of us want to be saying people should not be able to collect social security benefits when they are 65. that and medicare for people who are retiring are driving aggregate spending levels. on the discretionary side, we are cutting spending. >> which is why we are baffled you haven't tackled entitlements driving our long-range projections of the cliff. speaking of those long-range projections, i look at the claims you are reducing the deficit in the long term. we have enough trouble projecting 10 quarters and the future without rejecting 10 years. but look at when you are doing and you take the current year's funding of $165 million and pay for operations in afghanistan, including the surge, you then project it out for 10 years that this represents your current policy base line. you then estimates place the $50 billion for the war from 2013 to 2021 and count the lower funding relative to this current policy baseline as a $ 1.1 trillion spending cut. you take the related debt service -- are you guys really pla
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1